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nPose is an LSL script for use in Second Life® that allows one or more avatars to sit on (and otherwise control) objects and rez props, without poseballs. A versatile animation system/engine. The code is Open Source and all management is by volunteers.
If you want to download the scripts, please use this link: Latest nPose Release The master branch may or may not contain the latest released version.
The nPose scripts are licensed under the GPLv20, with the following addendum: The nPose scripts are free to be copied, modified, and redistributed, subject to the following conditions:

If you distribute the nPose scripts, you must leave them full perms.
If you modify the nPose scripts and distribute the modifications, you must also make your modifications full perms.

"Full perms" means having the modify, copy, and transfer permissions enabled in Second Life and/or other virtual world platforms derived from Second Life (such as OpenSim). If the platform should allow more fine-grained permissions, then "full perms" will mean the most permissive possible set of permissions allowed by the platform.

To Report Issues

Or (if you don't have a GitHub account) send a IM to Howard: Howard Baxton (english) Leona: slmember1 Resident (german, english)

nPose Wiki Links


• How To Links

Simple Single Sitter
Adjusting Poses
Couple Sitters
Adding Multiple Singles
Rez and De-rez Props
Animesh as a Prop
UDPBOOL and Toggle Buttons

• References

Global Options
Command Syntax Quick Reference
Notecard Contents
Line Permissions
Utility Notecards
Menu System
Notecard Names
Button Permissions
User Defined Permissions
Built in UDPs
Multi-Language Menu
Built in System menus
Known Plugins
Known Link Message Numbers
Notecard Reader Link Message Numbers
V4 Change Log

nPose Youtube Links


• Introduction

Introduction, Unpacking
Initial Setup of nPose Object

• First Pose Setup

Setup Default Card and Adjust Pose

• Add Another Menu Button and Pose

Video 1
Video 2

• Offer Singles Poses to Many Sitters

Singles Setup

• Offer Couples Poses

Couples Setup

• Offer Couples Poses Sequenced

Couples Sequenced Vid 1
Couples Sequenced Vid 2
Couples Sequenced Vid 3
Couples Sequenced Vid 4

• Props

Working With Props 1
Working With Props 2
Temp Attach Props

• Creating a Speaker Using a Prop

Props With Sound



• Optional nPose Setups

Options Vid 1
Options Vid 2

• Manipulating Prims With Prim Params Editor

Intro to Prim Params Editor
More Prim Params Editor

• Animesh

nPose for Second Life Animesh Stand Alone 1
nPose for Second Life Animesh Stand Alone 2
nPose for Second Life More Animesh

• nPose Chains and Cuffs

nPose for Second Life chain point setup
nPose for Second Life Practicle Application of chains and cuffs

• More Videos to Come